Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters

Often the most talented fortune teller won’t be able predict what will end up in your gutters. Leaves, branches, and sometimes a squirrel, find their way up there and eventually stop every future flow of rainwater. This does sound like a neat place for animals to lurk right? What do you think you can find up there? A bird, or a raccoon, perhaps? Correct, but that is far from the full length answer. There are mysteries up there you’ve never imagined to encounter in your otherwise peaceful gutters. See for yourself:

Squirrel looks smug.

Did you know:

Sometimes the rotting leaves and other debris, naturally, decay into a nice compost and, out of nowhere – plants! Not only do they grow there, they thrive! Make sure you let NASA examine your clogged gutters before you clean them up – answers to how life has formed 4 billion years ago on our planet are awaiting humanity there.mow-the-roof-gutters

That of course is not the strangest thing you can find up there.

Did you know:

There might be mice roaming your gutters.

Honestly you probably do. Gross but not surprising. But

Did you know:

Said mice attract predators. Such as SNAKES. Yup, discovering a snake up your dirty gutters is totally normal. Do you feel like cleaning them up now? Don’t you know how all the trouble in the Bible started? Eve found a snake in the rain gutter and from then on it went downhill – forbidden fruits, God’s wrath and whatnot. If only were to properly maintain her property.

“Eve, are you a coward? ‘Cause cowards stay away from that fruit over there, lol.”

And since we’re here…

Did you know:

Frogs are common gutter roamers. Of course, how they get there is conducted in secrecy. Though it’s understandable after all, if the gutters are clogged with mud all kinds of insects can breed there. If you were a frog finding yourself there would literally equal frog heaven for you. What’s even more curious there are cases where the mum frog lays a couple hundred eggs in the gutters. Loathsome, but as loathsome as when the time comes for the little tadpoles to become grown up hopping buggers. Imagine hearing frogs jumping around in your rain gutters. #lol #pukedinmymouth #lolagain

“You seem to be lost, son.”

Snakes and frogs may somehow find a way up there, that seems rather plausible.

But what do you think of this…

Did you know:

EARTHWORMS can be found in your gutters. Now this is a brain teaser. Theoretical guttering scientists claim that…they have no clue how this happens. Some theories say that a bird might’ve eaten a pregnant worm and the eggs would survive after being pooped on your roof, and there you go. This is not confirmed though, and earthworms in gutters still remain a mystery of mysteries.

Underground photo of a earthworm community from NatGeo.

Other animals such as chipmunks and birds, cats even, are some of the logical inhabitants of your rooftop and gutters, no puzzle there, just a honourable mention.

And finally:

Remember that one frisbee that mysteriously disappeared on your roof? All kinds of toys are found up there. From playballs to spider-man action figures. But hey, nothing unusual in Spidey getting up there, I mean that’s his job, acting like…

…Spiders. A nice clogged gutter with life thriving in its stagnant water(mainly flying insects, including mosquitoes) is a perfect hunting field for most spiders. Sometimes lots of them. Statistics are way too frightening to be mentioned here. Too bad that creatures as beneficial for your garden and home had to be made so nasty looking.

“If I were venomous would I have a goddamn smiley face on my back???”
Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters

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