9 Hottest Fire Breath Inducing Hot Peppers

What’s the coolest part of being a dragon? Correct! Being able to burn things just by burping in their direction. I bet more than once you thought you could breathe fire after having those spicy wrinkled red peppers they sell or the famous tabasco sauce even. Thinking it’s a “burning sensation” you get after being inconsiderate enough to eat this hell food is not exaggerated. Too much of the active ingredient(capsaicin), that makes the hot peppers actually hot, can positively¬†cause burns to the skin. Good news is there is not enough in even the spiciest ones to cause you any [real] burn damage aside from being very very spicy. Bad news is – it is still a poison and if your butt is brave enough and you eat a lot of it you might actually die, because the chemical is toxic after all.

But if you think that tabasco sause is hot you probably shouldn’t ever attempt to try one of the

  most spicy peppers on Earth.

A picture of many hot peppers.
High Definition picture of hot peppers.

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9 Hottest Fire Breath Inducing Hot Peppers