How Bees Helped Me Get Up in Time for Work

While sitting here and enjoying my garden I happened to notice this small bee that was perambulating carefully around right before it finally decided to pass me by and take what it thinks belongs to her (some pollen or nectar from my red campions). It was interesting observing it, monitoring its decisions, whether or not to visit this particular petal, and so on…


….And then I realised it. Bees spend their entire lifetime working, providing for their brothers and sisters, who eventually grow up to do the same. But it was not only about the bees my realisation. This applies for every insect there, not every insect, but every animal in general. They all do the same – spend their precious time on one thing – survival. It might not be easy, but it’s either this or you’re a dead bee. Recently I read about bats kicking out their lazy brothers if they don’t help with the hunting. Let’s see who will feed you and your lethargic indifference now, you winged mouse, you. Unlike us. You might think that we are basically doing the same. But that is yet to be proven wrong. See, our society is constructed in such ways, that if you have a completely average income –  you are granted the luxury of not striving for survival every single day. What I mean is the average person can, eventually stay at home the weekend and order food. He/she does not have to hunt it down, while being careful not to become someone else’s pray. Nor does said person have to relentlessly work his/her pants off to eventually collect a small fraction of it, like my friend here, the bee. We humans have this unique opportunity to actually have and benefit from our free time. Hell, someone hits the lottery and doesn’t spend a day at work ever again. Can a bee hit the lottery? Can it take a day off from work, and use it to pay a visit the local fancy Honey Restaurant or the fast food chain “Mr. B’s honey pot” with its bee spouse, just so they could enjoy a nice romantic dinner and, perhaps, something more…? Probably not.

The back story of my reflections? I was just tired the other morning and did not want to get up early for work. As simple as that. But now I am going to get a huge poster of a bee or a wolf or something that can’t take the weekend off and quit that survival bullshit for awhile just so it could go to the pub and have a pint of beer with its wild animal friends.

This way I could remember my privilege every time I feel deprived of free time.

Thanks to my new bee friend I now feel some kind of relief and perhaps a little sad about it(and its kind). Maybe there is something positive in having a pet animal after all. Giving them the opportunity to finally take a break. Of survival.


How Bees Helped Me Get Up in Time for Work