Toxic plants to die for. Literally.

Not sure if Michael Jackson thought of these toxic plants while coming up with Dangerous, but it’s a well known fact that even harmless-looking organisms like plants can be mean and hostile. Ten of them seem share-about worthy, because they stand out with their deadly defensive mechanisms, that you will see sometimes apply to humans only. Which is kind of insulting.

#1 Deadly nightshade

Just look at how deadly and nightshady this plant looks.

I guess by the female super villain name you have already concluded this plant is evil. And you’re right! It is highly poisonous from the bottom to the top(berries AND foliage). No wonder people have been poisoning each other(on purpose) with it for many, many years in the past. Nowadays you just go and pull the trigger, not a biggie. Back then it was art to murder someone. Especially if that’s Emperor Augustus(who is rumoured to have been poisoned by his own wife, which I am not going to say anything passive aggressive about in relation to women behaviour). In ancient times archers used the deadly nightshade to make poison arrows as well. But hey, here’s a fun fact – familiar vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants are part of the same family(nightshade). So it’s not a surprise they all have toxins present in their foliage as well. Death awaits around every corner. Continue reading “Toxic plants to die for. Literally.”

Toxic plants to die for. Literally.

Quirky Carnivorous Plants Facts

Carnivorous plants have been populating children’s cartoons(you’ve been secretly watching) since forever. Knowing a catchy fact or two about them can be an easy ice breaker in awkward situations. But is there more valuable information about them? Do they eat human babies? Do they hunt in prides? Do they poop? Truth is carnivorous plants mostly feed on insects, be it crawling, foraging or flying. I said mostly because some plants have been reported to capture rats, frogs, a bird here and there(although these animals were most likely already dying or sick). This being said there’s no danger for you whatsoever. Not because you are at home, reading this, but in general for humans.

Here, in this shot, you can witness the ambush stance of a wild predator.

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Quirky Carnivorous Plants Facts