Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters

Often the most talented fortune teller won’t be able predict what will end up in your gutters. Leaves, branches, and sometimes a squirrel, find their way up there and eventually stop every future flow of rainwater. This does sound like a neat place for animals to lurk right? What do you think you can find up there? A bird, or a raccoon, perhaps? Correct, but that is far from the full length answer. There are mysteries up there you’ve never imagined to encounter in your otherwise peaceful gutters. See for yourself:

Squirrel looks smug.

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Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters

500 words of winter home preparation – short and clear


Winter is what happens to your home during December. For most of the world. Nature wants to kill everything in sight every once a year with its cold and snowy hug. Being prepared for the annual wipe-with-frost attempt is part of surviving. See, that’s the difference between us and dinosaurs. We survive things. So how should you prepare for the rough reality?

Here’s a simple guide to ensure your home protection and well-being during the winter.

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500 words of winter home preparation – short and clear

Rain gutter history – from gargoyles to Voltron

Imagine what would happen if rain gutters didn’t exist. Voltron would’ve rusted from the inside the first time they formed it to dramatically fight monsters in the rain. Essentially rain gutters have been reported of being used thousands of years ago. Voltron on the other hand never existed.

Here, in this shot, you can clearly see Voltron’s steel rain gutter on his right shoulder.

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Rain gutter history – from gargoyles to Voltron

Rain – it’s Only Fun if you’re Dry

Rain is what happens in the Lion King when they defeat the bad guys and it’s time for Simba to victoriously climb the Pride Rock. Spoiler alert though. But hey, if you haven’t seen the Lion King your childhood must’ve sucked anyway. So what is the logical conclusion about rain after this? That except when it drowns people in massive floodings, it is usually related to good.

Here’s a frog doing frog stuff under the rain.

Fun fact time: Some archers were competing outside when a rain poured so they had to go inside. And imagine how frustrating is to cancel your aiming skills competition just because of the rain! So what did they do? Of course, they started throwing small arrows at a round board. It has nothing to do with archery but at least they satisfied their competitive personality disorders. And that’s how darts was invented.

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Rain – it’s Only Fun if you’re Dry

What It Takes To Become a Decent Gardener

So what it takes to be a good gardener, exactly?

We should define it though:

You don’t kill every single one of your plants.

No! What makes a decent gardener even?

Decent gardener:

Let’s say 80% of your plants survive your care.

See, when I was little I was afraid of taking care of plants, because I did not understand them. They would never give me positive or negative feedback on my watering skills. They would not say “thank you” nor “piss off” when I used to add coffee grounds to the soil. Grandma on the other side would smile every time she looked at them and it was like they were smiling back at her. All the tomatoes and cucumbers and whatnot in the backyard would thrive if she were to plant them there. She was an excellent gardener. Unlike me. I am not sure if it’s okay to say this in my freshly opened gardening blog, but…I killed my first plant. And on top of that it was a god damn cactus. You know, the ones that require almost no care at all.

cactus in a pot
R.I.P. and forgive me, Jim.

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What It Takes To Become a Decent Gardener

9 Impressive Gardening Statistics

It’s another day at the Neighbourhood’s Gardeners Club and you still have nothing to impress your fellow gardeners with? They already know plenty about your garden and how that tree fell down and broke your roof that stormy night?

Tree damaging roof
That was your house the night after.

Worry no more! Here are some curious, ridiculous, and sometimes useless gardening statistic facts you and your garden buddies would be thrilled to discuss the next time you meet:

1. There are nearly 22 million home gardens in the UK. That’s literally more than you would ever bother counting to! And not only this, but if you add them up to one tremendous garden the total area covered would equal Somerset!

2. UK gardeners spend more than £5 billion on gardening equipment and additional plants for their gardens. This is literally more than £4 billion.

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9 Impressive Gardening Statistics