9 Impressive Gardening Statistics

It’s another day at the Neighbourhood’s Gardeners Club and you still have nothing to impress your fellow gardeners with? They already know plenty about your garden and how that tree fell down and broke your roof that stormy night?

Tree damaging roof
That was your house the night after.

Worry no more! Here are some curious, ridiculous, and sometimes useless gardening statistic facts you and your garden buddies would be thrilled to discuss the next time you meet:

1. There are nearly 22 million home gardens in the UK. That’s literally more than you would ever bother counting to! And not only this, but if you add them up to one tremendous garden the total area covered would equal Somerset!

2. UK gardeners spend more than £5 billion on gardening equipment and additional plants for their gardens. This is literally more than £4 billion.

3. If you were to store all the compost sold in the United Kingdom(attention: annually) you could fill up the Olympic Stadium. That’s literally 2 football teams buried alive.

4. More than 50% of the tourists visiting England would eventually visit a garden on their journey in our country. This makes our gardens valuable to national income. You are literally (in general terms) helping the Queen improve our reputation as a tourist destination with the potatoes you grow in your backyard. Well done, Charles!

5. Now, about the Somerset-sized garden – the owners of it are nearly 77% of Britain, according to RHS!

6. Over 70% of the UK gardeners stated that if they had the chance they would rather work as gardeners. That’s a lot of gardeners.

7. Another research, including 2000 people has shown that no less than 80% of them are sure gardening during the winter season is actually a pleasant occupation, because :

– it helps them stay in shape and go out more often;

– feel more comfortable knowing they’re growing and taking care of something.

8. Approximately 90% of youngsters in England, the age of 16 to 24, claim that gardening made them happier. Just plant a tomato and get over her!

9.Ladies are happier while planting or weeding, where gentlemen feel more elated just mowing the lawn. Does that sound sexist or is it just me?

Now you’ll be able to impress anyone who’s even remotely related to gardening. You are one step closer to being interesting!





9 Impressive Gardening Statistics

One thought on “9 Impressive Gardening Statistics

  1. blog chi em says:

    UK gardeners spend more than £5 billion on gardening equipment and additional plants for their gardens. This is literally more than £4 billion???


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