Potatoes In Barrels – save space but keep the productivity

Let’s say you really want to grow potatoes, because let’s face it – who doesn’t. Potatoes are a great part of man’s menu because they can be cooked in many varieties, all of them delicious, they are nutritious and last but not least – rich in vitamins. But there’s a small problem with urban gardening – you are poor and lack enough space for a fabulous potato garden. Worry not, because great gardening minds came with the idea of container gardening to avoid such issues and still make your potato dream achievable.

Being a potato is sometimes stressful.

What is container gardening and why should you give it a try?

Container gardening is not only effective for successfully spacing your plants on small limited areas, making way more production per square foot possible, but it also keeps your plants well protected from weeding , unfriendly fungi and pests. Not to mention there is no more damaging your potatoes when trying to collect them but rather you just tip containers over and voila! It’s easy and upon reading further you will be convinced that it has numerous advantages over normal potato growing(Boring!)! Here is what you’ll need to do: Continue reading “Potatoes In Barrels – save space but keep the productivity”

Potatoes In Barrels – save space but keep the productivity

Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters

Often the most talented fortune teller won’t be able predict what will end up in your gutters. Leaves, branches, and sometimes a squirrel, find their way up there and eventually stop every future flow of rainwater. This does sound like a neat place for animals to lurk right? What do you think you can find up there? A bird, or a raccoon, perhaps? Correct, but that is far from the full length answer. There are mysteries up there you’ve never imagined to encounter in your otherwise peaceful gutters. See for yourself:

Squirrel looks smug.

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Peculiar oddities inhabiting your rain gutters