Rain – it’s Only Fun if you’re Dry

Rain is what happens in the Lion King when they defeat the bad guys and it’s time for Simba to victoriously climb the Pride Rock. Spoiler alert though. But hey, if you haven’t seen the Lion King your childhood must’ve sucked anyway. So what is the logical conclusion about rain after this? That except when it drowns people in massive floodings, it is usually related to good.

Here’s a frog doing frog stuff under the rain.

Fun fact time: Some archers were competing outside when a rain poured so they had to go inside. And imagine how frustrating is to cancel your aiming skills competition just because of the rain! So what did they do? Of course, they started throwing small arrows at a round board. It has nothing to do with archery but at least they satisfied their competitive personality disorders. And that’s how darts was invented.

Physical Favours of the Rain

Rain naturally has two types of positive outcomes. Physical ones, as it is a great part of the circle of life(so much Lion King references) and mental ones. The latter are only from humans’ point of view, but I am strongly convinced the audience of this article is mainly human.

Birds also experience rain.

Flora and Fauna both benefit from the wonder of water falling from the sky as water itself is crucial for maintaining life.

  • There are places on earth where life literally depends on rainfall, because there are long dry periods, which all comes from the typical weather conditions for the current geographical region. Animals travel thousands of miles during the dry season in search of an oases or lakes that have saved some of the vital, life-saving liquid, which by the time they arrive is already full of hungry alligators ready to snack thirsty travellers. How could you possibly not be fascinated by Mother Nature, right?
  • Plants in the wild also need large quantities of water, and out there, their main source of getting it is rain. By absorbing way more than needed for their vital processes they protect themselves from the phenomena of evaporation through which plenty of water is lost via the leaves.

Fun fact time #2: It is scientifically proven that exactly water evaporation from plants is responsible for rain in most of the places that are not close to seas / oceans. The Flora density is strictly related to rain frequency. A normal tree would evaporate up to 350 gallons of water through the surface of its leaves ( help preserve trees, by the way ). Humidifying air is why rain occurs far from oceans, because it is also proven that 90% of the water that evaporate from oceans falls as rain within 130 to 160 miles away from the shore.

  • Rain is also present in the everyday life of humans. Now, as our high intelligence suggests, we cultivate our own food, and have put chasing hogs for survival behind us a long time ago. Usually we provide what’s needed for watering the plants, but no one has said no to the good old rain either. There is even this thing called rain gardening. Avid gardeners claim that if you were fortunate enough to come up with it, while being unfortunate enough to live in a rainy city, you could take great advantage of it. It’s as simple as a garden, the watering of which, is based on the principles and processes that occur in rain forests. It is all water cycle based.
“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, Chadrick.” – “Fuck you, Vince.”

Mental Favours of the Rain

You’re sitting at home – reading your almost finished book or fresh released newspaper, enjoying a video game or the new film you just illegally downloaded, and there it comes – the soft murmur from the outside world of repeatedly splashing water drops, colliding with different types of surfaces, creating a unique tune for everyone to hear. And right in this moment it’s not exactly relaxation that’s overflowing your body, but a mixture of melancholic comfort and cosiness predisposing you to just sit there, ignore all the other sounds, the damage from your parents’ divorce, your own divorce, and quietly enjoy the noise of mildness. Everyone(who has a home) has experienced this and none of them will deny listening to the rain is among the most reposeful experiences. As if it washes your worries away. But what’s in the rain that is so soothing? Well one of the theories is that it resembles white noise.

White noise is what you hear when your fan is running, or when your old TV isn’t getting any signal. The scientific definition of it is a noise that will have constant flow of sounds from all possible-to-hear frequencies at the same time. So how is this remotely relaxing? Well different sounds “irritate” your ears, making them noticeable for your brain from the fact that they differ from your surrounding ones. White noise is a constant sound that “masks” all the noises from the outside making them “invisible” for your brain. If I failed to explain so far take it this way – what wakes you up at night when the poltergeist breaks a glass is not the sound of the breaking but how much it differs from what was constantly present so far(the silence). In other words if you have your poltergeist consistently breaking glass after glass with high frequency (5 per second would be enough) you will eventually get used to the constant breaking sound and fall asleep with no worries(provided you have a mansion made of glasses and you are okay with the fact it is being haunted by glass-hating ghosts). The rain is basically(from a sound point of view) the same. Thousands upon thousands raindrops bombard earth’s surface giving the impression of a smooth sound of continuous splash. And when your brain falls for this trick of nature, it would be like “everything outside is cool, no threats, I’m not stressed any more, might as well pass the hell out right here on the road in this fast moving car, while driving.” There are even hundreds of videos of sounds of rain on the Internet, lasting dozens of hours that are exclusively made for you to play them and fall asleep easier if you’re not blessed to live at a place where it only rains when you go to bed every evening.

Have a rainy day!

Rain – it’s Only Fun if you’re Dry

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