Quirky Carnivorous Plants Facts

Carnivorous plants have been populating children’s cartoons(you’ve been secretly watching) since forever. Knowing a catchy fact or two about them can be an easy ice breaker in awkward situations. But is there more¬†valuable information¬†about them? Do they eat human babies? Do they hunt in prides? Do they poop? Truth is carnivorous plants mostly feed on insects, be it crawling, foraging or flying. I said mostly because some plants have been reported to capture rats, frogs, a bird here and there(although these animals were most likely already dying or sick). This being said there’s no danger for you whatsoever. Not because you are at home, reading this, but in general for humans.

Here, in this shot, you can witness the ambush stance of a wild predator.

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Quirky Carnivorous Plants Facts