500 words of winter home preparation – short and clear


Winter is what happens to your home during December. For most of the world. Nature wants to kill everything in sight every once a year with its cold and snowy hug. Being prepared for the annual wipe-with-frost attempt is part of surviving. See, that’s the difference between us and dinosaurs. We survive things. So how should you prepare for the rough reality?

Here’s a simple guide to ensure your home protection and well-being during the winter.

  1.  Tidy up the rain gutters.

    Gutters is where fall and winter want to strike you first.
    They both, unlike you, know that a clogged gutter could result in a roof leakage, basement mould and leakages, cracks in the walls and whatnot. Luckily avoiding such damage is rather easy – you simply clean them twice a year(once in spring as well). Mind that falling is the main reason for more than 6000 domestic accident deaths annually, just in the UK. If you feel like your old ladder is somehow plotting to kill you, please consider hiring someone certified for the job.
  2. Do your grading around the house properly.

    Be aware that any rain in your location is specifically send from a higher power just so it could end up in your basement. And what do we say to the God of Rain? “Please don’t kill me”. Grading is putting soil around your house’s foundation directing the rainwater away from it via the pitch. You want to have a 4-inch pitch over 4 feet. This will ensure you with a protection from rot and termites. Pools in the basement should only form artificially.
  3. Clear the weeds from your backyard.…Weeds have no other job than to piss you off. That’s exactly what will happen when you want to dig a tunnel in the snow that has freshly blocked your access to the outside world and some tough weed gets on the way of your shovel. Take out all the weeds right before winter for one last time this year. It’s the same as not having enough cups at home – sounds like a small issue but when you face it one day, when you have too many guests, you’ll understand.
  4. Change the weather stripping and leave the Cold outside in the cold.Do you know how the Inuit survive by only living in igloos? That’s right – weather stripping. Most probably(I mean what else could it be?!). So you should do the same – go around the house and replace all the old stripping on your doors and windows. Replace the worn out caulk if needed as well. Don’t be cheap and live to see the next summer, dammit.
  5. Prevent water from freezing in your pipes.Frozen water in pipes that goes outside of the warm protection of your home can damage them. Shut off all the taps, drain all of it from the pipes and enjoy the inner peace that follows.
  6. Use mulch and its protective magic aura for your plants. 

    The mulch will keep your delicate plants safe during the cold. This would also be the perfect opportunity for you to put to good use old branches, leaves and whatnot that are aimlessly spread around your yard.

500 words of winter home preparation – short and clear

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