[COMICS] How to Landscape your Steep Garden like a Pro: Hints for Designing Gardens on a Slope.

Guidelines on how to landscape a sloping garden like a real expert:


Sloping gardens are often perceived as troublesome by new homeowners, but truth is they are more of an opportunity than an stumbling block. If you’re reading this, I’m already assuming you’re out of garden ideas for your steep garden and everything is going downhill(get it, get it). Silly puns aside, levelling a sloping garden may seem like the disadvantages of it are overcoming the initial idea(or situation). But as landscaping goes you can never be too creative, and of course, make the best of any terrain, be it on a slope. So here are a few ideas of how terracing a sloping garden should go then:

  1. Utilise garden steps to make it easily reachable. Not a simple task the least, but having stairs through your uphill garden will certainly make it something your guests might want to check out. Scribble the best route and make it a reality. You can even grow grass to cover them, it will give you bonus style points.
  2. Arrange rockery plants to make it look more natural. Decorating with rocks and planting some alpine flowers can boost up the aesthetics of a steep garden significantly. This option goes in perfect combo with 5.
  3. Invest in raised grow beds if you’re going for a vegetable garden. Some well positioned raised beds can conveniently turn a sloping garden into a vegetable terrace. You may place the beds around the stairs, levelling them with the steps.
  4. Install a decking and transform it into a your own calming place of quiet reflection. This can be a very practical solution, for the terrain’s characteristics eliminate the need of using a lot of ballast.
  5. Set up an astounding fountain or a waterfall. There is nothing more spectacular than a backyard artificial waterfall, which is very rare, so it’d be definitely something you’ll want to show off with.
  6. Establish a definitive style for your flowers. You can either group similar colour/species of plants and plant them on their own terrace levels or you can go for the full diversity pack, depends on your personal preferences. It’s just important to stick with your decision.

The implementation of any of the aforementioned ideas may still require someone handy. But when it comes to design, having a starting point of inspiration is crucial. Creative gardeners will know exactly which option they would develop further. Don’t forget it’s your garden and you need to feel comfortably in it more than anyone else.

[COMICS] How to Landscape your Steep Garden like a Pro: Hints for Designing Gardens on a Slope.

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