10 Shade Loving Rockery Plants

Disclaimer at the start:

Rockery plants are in their most part sunshine fans and shade loving plants on the other hand are heavy leaf growers and might soon enough cover your beloved rocks(the ones you want to show off with).

Professionals advice:

It is entirely dependant on what type of shade are we talking about. Your plants would highly appreciate it if their spot gets at least a little direct sunlight for a small amount of the day.

We still got you though:

Here’s a list of rockery plants for shade that still make it for your pretentious I-want-this-and-that list.

Rockery plants that like shade list:

  1. Acaena  – Evergreen, perennial, including subshrubs.

  2. Granny’s Bonnet(Aquilegia) – Perennial, commonly growing in woodlands and meadows.Aquilegia_columbine_magpie_cultivar_2
  3. Campanulla(bellflower) – Annual, biennial or even perennial, the Campanulla has it all.Campanule_FR_2012
  4. Chiastophyllum oppositifolium(lamb’s tail or gold drop) – Mainly found growing in shady places in the Caucasus, evergreen.Chiastophyllum_opp_close-up_photo_file_PDB_133KB
  5. Hypsela reniformis – Creeping perennial plants.

  6. Leptinellaleptinella
  7. Pratiapratia
  8. Ranunculus ficaria – A very invasive guy, so be careful what you plant next to it.Ranunculus_ficaria_Aarberg2
  9. Veronica Prostrata – Semi-evergreen or evergreen plant, Europe. Also is prostrate perennial.Veronica_prostrata_subsp._scheereri_(habitus)
  10. Viola Julian – A perennial Viola, covering the ground. Excellent performance in containers, for a rockery plant.viola_julian

There are rockeries for every occasion and nothing should stop a gardener from building his dream green place.

10 Shade Loving Rockery Plants

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