What It Takes To Become a Decent Gardener

So what it takes to be a good gardener, exactly?

We should define it though:

You don’t kill every single one of your plants.

No! What makes a decent gardener even?

Decent gardener:

Let’s say 80% of your plants survive your care.

See, when I was little I was afraid of taking care of plants, because I did not understand them. They would never give me positive or negative feedback on my watering skills. They would not say “thank you” nor “piss off” when I used to add coffee grounds to the soil. Grandma on the other side would smile every time she looked at them and it was like they were smiling back at her. All the tomatoes and cucumbers and whatnot in the backyard would thrive if she were to plant them there. She was an excellent gardener. Unlike me. I am not sure if it’s okay to say this in my freshly opened gardening blog, but…I killed my first plant. And on top of that it was a god damn cactus. You know, the ones that require almost no care at all.

cactus in a pot
R.I.P. and forgive me, Jim.

How I dealt with despair

Well, as the stubborn little hell spawn I was, I would not give up so easily on this. So I went and asked my grandmother how could I ever catch up with her gardening skills and what is there to gardening I was not aware of. I mean, I watered the damn thing, I sang to it, I was moving it according to how shades were moving throughout the daylight’s dance. I would never forget her advice in general, but I would obviously forget the quote verbatim. So I will squeeze it through my subjective prism and share with you what gardening basics my grandmother told me that day and how it changed me to become the gardener I am today!

Arm yourself with patience: Let’s be honest here. Gardening is time consuming. And unless you are taking care of an Empress Tree plants will take their time to grow strong and healthy. You need to be persistent and results will come. See, your plants need your care, otherwise they die. When you plant something in your backyard you are signing a virtual contract with nature that you will look after it. You are having a baby with Mother Nature. You can’t be a successful parent if your babies die. That’s instant negative Karma points, man.

And as it follows, naturally, perseverance: To simplify it, I will put it like this – build a thousand bridges, forget to water your plants once – you’re a plant murderer. Plants need your regular love. Most of them are fragile and sensitive and will easily wither if they don’t get what they need. If you don’t have the time for that either call a professional or don’t get into gardening at all! You need to give in order to be given(potatoes let’s say).

picture of adapt
Learn to adapt. You are the colour-changing Chameleon in this garden. You are flexible, a survivor.

Watch & learn: See, you need not to be afraid to experimenting. Plant this there, observe if it thrives, plant that here, see if it looks happy. You will obtain good judgment through mistakes you’ve made. If needed, have a gardening diary and write down what to do and what not to. This might even make the impression you are doing it with a scientific purpose. And after every failure – you learn and gain…

…Experience: The formula is simple – the time you have spent gardening is proportional to how experienced you get. Ask any specialist…in anything.

And let’s not forget – LOVE

Do what you love!

The best gardener is the one who does it with passion. The one who does it because he enjoys time spent with his/her flowers and plants. If you find in gardening what I found back then, taking care of my first Cactus, you are guaranteed to become at least a rather decent gardener. Just give yourself to it and let the gardening power flow through your veins!

Nothing hard, really. And don’t forget – your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

Now go and harvest the fruits of your success! Get it?

What It Takes To Become a Decent Gardener

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